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Slap City version 1.0.0p2 changelog. Released September 25th, 2020.


  • Shield offledge property now goes immediately to tumble, regardless of direction
  • Delayed actionable point from “fallthrough” by 1 frame; this prevents shielddrops from sticking to the platform if simultaneously inputting an aerial
  • Shielddrops now have a minor visual tell to distinguish them from normal fall-throughs
  • Tweaked the animation of all characters' stand up, get up forward, get up back, tech, techroll forward, techroll back, roll forward, roll back, getup attack, edge attack, edge climbup, edgeroll and spotdodge.


  • Some bugfixes for Quest Forge ∞


Jenny Fox

  • Ledgeattack now turns off the axe trail effect correctly


  • Aerial dtilt can no longer be controlled horizontally
  • Dtilt no longer leaves ledges until the hitbox is out
  • Turn given same braking properties as the rest of the cast
  • Fixed an exploit where Frallan could cancel her knockback out of hitstun with down special if she connected a tilt beforehand
  • Gave edgebonus-state ledgegrab intangibility on the initial frame, instead of only subsequent frames, so it's now in line with the rest of the cast
  • Changed Forward roll and Back roll animation length from 34 to 35 frames to be consistent with the other characters

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