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The music of Slap City was primarily composed and arranged by Mattias ".haku" Hakulinen, and features a mixture of new compositions and arrangements of music from other Ludosity or Ludosity-adjacent games. An official soundtrack was released on October 12th, 2020, shortly after the release of version 1.0.

Additional music can be unlocked by playing Story Mode and collecting the music discs (Music.png) lying around the levels. Each of the characters with Story Mode campaigns can unlock 5 tracks, most of which is music from older Ludosity titles. The music played in Story Mode will only unlock after collecting every Story Mode timeline.

Music can be selected when picking a stage, if the appropriate option in the game settings is turned on.

Music listing

Tracks ordered by the in-game music selection listing with all songs unlocked.
Titles use in-game names and may differ from those on the soundtrack and video links.
    Ittle Dew unlocks
  • Overworld (ID1) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Ittle 2: Rebellion (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Circuitry (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Dark Cocoon / Mothman Cometh (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • The Record Keeper (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Masked Ruby unlocks
  • (Shake) Them All (CCN1) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Cash Drop (CCN1) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • The Cave (CCN1) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Eve Chat (CCN1) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Creak & Rattle (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Jenny Fox unlocks
  • Tracking Station (CCN2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Attracting Oinks (CCN2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Hidden Electro (Psycard) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Gunnelvision — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
    Lyrics: Pick up gun / Shoot, repeat / Run real fast / Death, plasma gun / Kill / Destroy, death
  • Lemonade (CCN2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Ultra Fishbunjin 3000 unlocks
  • Psyche Remix (CCN2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Body Double (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Snow (Quest Forge) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Space Hunk Theme — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Space Hunk (Slap Version) — Composed and arranged by .hakuListen: YouTube
    Princess Remedy unlocks
  • Action (Princess Remedy) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Haven (Princess Remedy 2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • High (Princess Remedy 2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Overboss (Princess Remedy 2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Pollution (Princess Remedy 2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Business Casual Man unlocks
  • Turnip Corp. Remix (CCN) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Dread Not Silly Leopards (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Five Steps (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Performance Art (ID2) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Rage Over a Lost Penny — Arranged by .haku, original composition by Ludwig van BeethovenListen: YouTube
    Goddess of Explosions unlocks
  • Ablaze — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • 5th Remix — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
  • Secret Santa (Hyper Princess Pitch) — Composed by SalkinitzorListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Boss (Hyper Princess Pitch) — Composed by SalkinitzorListen: YouTube · BandCamp
  • Bear Miner — Composed by Erik SjöstrandListen: YouTube
    Story Mode unlocks
  • Chill Ittle — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Story Mode map level select music.
  • Murky — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
    Character dialogue music for Story Mode versus battles.
  • Highrise — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Downtown Story Mode level music.
  • Lava — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
    Back Streets Story Mode level music.
  • God Chords — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Bumpertown Story Mode level music.
  • Slap Arena — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube
    Slap Arena stage and Story Mode level music.
  • Bass Man & Rock — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Hit the Road Story Mode level music.
  • Johnny Lock Legs — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Hotel Lockenkee Story Mode level music.
  • Lava (Chase) — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Secret Volcano Tunnel Story Mode level music. A faster remix of the Back Streets music.
  • Phrygia — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    All Aboard Story Mode level music.
  • Firebrand — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Death Maze Story Mode level music.
  • K.L.O.N.K. — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    K.L.O.N.K. Story Mode level music.
  • Demonic Massacres — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Secret Skyway hidden Story Mode level music.
  • Fatality — Composed by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Omega Oblivion of Obliteration hidden Story Mode level music.

Unlisted music

Music not in the selection screen is listed here.

  • Neon Holiday — Composed and arranged by .hakuListen: YouTube · BandCamp
    Story Mode credits music.
  • Unknown title — Composed and arranged by .haku
    Story Mode game over music.
  • Unknown titles — Composed and arranged by .haku
    Various music from Quest Forge ∞, an online ranked mode minigame.

Original soundtrack

Slap City Original Soundtrack
SlapCityOriginalSoundtrack Cover.png
Soundtrack album by Ludosity
Released October 12, 2020
Genre Video game music · electronic · rock · orchestral · pop
Length 104:56
No. Title Artist Length
Slap City .haku (featuring Cyber Diva) 1:33
Fancy Ruins .haku 2:40
Bass Man & Rock .haku 1:54
Berries in the Clouds .haku 2:29
Firebrand .haku 2:39
Chill Ittle .haku 1:45
Highrise .haku 2:18
Jungle Death Dance .haku 1:46
One Armed Ninja .haku 2:02
Johnny Lock Legs .haku 1:18
Klonk .haku 2:43
Theme of Sports .haku 2:16
Lobby .haku 2:36
Slap in the Park .haku 2:02
Fatality .haku 2:59
Dunk Challenge .haku 2:07
Blobbers .haku 1:34
Where the Pain Grows .haku 2:53
Working in Retail .haku 2:32
Indoor Voice .haku 2:42
Saturnian Superstar .haku 1:19
Office Surfer .haku 1:28
Lava Chase .haku 2:24
Neon Holiday .haku 2:01
Nörds .haku 3:19
Face to Face Tom Mauritzon 4:00
Tor HyperDuck Soundworks 3:14
Welcome to the Party Pal HyperDuck Soundworks 2:42
Balloon Arena .haku 2:50
Hurtland .haku 1:52
Halcyon .haku 6:32
Summit .haku 1:29
Demonic Massacres .haku 2:23
Fire .haku 2:45
Cute Trap .haku 2:30
Guts .haku 1:16
Nothing Dimension .haku 2:33
God Chords .haku 2:23
Phrygia .haku 3:03
Fancy Night .haku 2:06
Fluffy Slap .haku 3:12
Deep Freeze .haku 2:03
Drop the Accordion .haku (featuring Cyber Diva) 2:12
Skövde .haku 2:00
Temple .haku 1:57
Level 3 .haku 2:02
Ablaze .haku 2:15
Noisy City .haku 2:21
Space Planet Earth .haku 4:59
Random Samples .haku 2:41
Trumpets .haku 1:55
Lemon Diva .haku (featuring Cyber Diva) 2:15

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