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Slap City game modes are listed here.

Story Mode

Story Mode is a single-player game mode which includes story campaigns for each of the first 8 characters (from Ittle Dew to Asha). There are 17 "missions" total, which include 12 platforming stages (2 of which are optional) and 5 versus battles. Each character has their own story with unique dialogue cutscenes.

There are various collectables to pick up scattered around the platforming stages, which unlock character costumes, selectable music, or useful info and tips in the "Extras" and "How To Play" sections. Upon completing Story Mode, an additional outfit is unlocked for the character used.

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is a single-player game mode in which players fight through a series of matches against CPU opponents in various setups. There are 10 rounds in total which increase in difficulty as the player progresses. Match setups, which include 1-on-1s, teams battles, and free-for-alls are fixed, but the opponents fought are randomized up to the final battle. There are 7 difficulty modes, ranging from Beginner to the hidden Devil Insane (selectable by trying to increase the difficulty continuously past Insane).

Smack the Crystals

A mode where players try to pop all of the crystals in a stage as fast as possible. Each difficulty option is a separate stage, but the stages are the same for each character. This mode is also used in Arcade Mode, match 8.



The standard mode for playing matches with other players or CPUs. The time limit and life count can be changed in the options menu.


Slap Ball

A mode in which players knock around a ball (and each other), trying to hit it into the opponents' net. Every time the ball is hit, the amount of points gained when scoring increases. However, once the ball touches the ground, it resets back to 0.

Team Battle






Ranked mini-games