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There are currently 11 playable characters in Slap City. All of them are usable from the start, though some of their costumes must be unlocked through certain means.

Orka and Cruiser Tetron were added alongside the game’s Nintendo Switch release.

Playable characters

Portrait ittle p1.png

Ittle Dew

A rowdy adventurer who uses a variety of puzzle-solving tools to battle opponents, such as a fire sword, bombs, and her own butt. She can be played in just about any style—laid back or hyper aggressive.

Portrait ruby p1.png

Masked Ruby

A masked ruby who wields a sword with his mind, or maybe invisible arms. He attacks with a relentless flurry of sword swipes. He can cancel his aerials into special attacks on hit, and has two midair jumps.

Portrait jennyfox p1.png

Jenny Fox

An axe-wielding, skateboard-riding Jenny. She has numerous projectile abilities and long-reaching normal attacks. Anger fuels her fighting ability.

Portrait fishbunjin p1.png

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000


The strongest creature in Slap City. Considering his size, he has surprising speed, and not so surprising power.

Portrait remedy p1.png

Princess Remedy

A Saturnian healer with exceptional magical ability. She uses magical flasks and a floating mine that she can detonate at will to keep enemies away. Her strength in close quarters is nothing to scoff at, either.

Portrait bcman p1.png

Business Casual Man

A slippery sausage-like man with multiple multi-hit moves that hit on all sides. Gather money with certain attacks, and then sell others for extreme power.

Portrait goddess p1.png

Goddess of Explosions

A Goddess who specializes in explosive, fiery attacks. Play tennis with her fireballs, or zoom across the stage with her forward strong attack. Her dress contains a portal to the explosion dimension.

Portrait asha p1.png


A one-armed elite Komato assassin using a laser sword as his primary weapon. His only special move, teleport, can be used to cover distance in an instant, or chain otherwise impossible links together.

Portrait frallan p1.png


Another Saturnian healer, but unlike Remedy, she is a brawler, with punches, kicks, and a scalpel in her arsenal. Her strong attacks require explosive pills, which can be reloaded, and she has a number of different move cancels.

Other characters

Other characters appear in Slap City, either as non-playable characters in Story Mode or otherwise, or as alternate costumes of playable characters.

  • Ansaksie
  • Atavist
  • Jums and Bemp
  • Lemonic Diva
Pop idol and the star vocalist of the Slap City theme song. She appears a few times in Story Mode, most notably in Masked Ruby's timeline.
  • Magic Crystal
  • Manbunjin
  • Mayor Kiwi
  • Mechabunjin
  • Queen Amelia
  • Jenny Berry
  • Jenny Cat
Jenny Fox's alternate costume.
  • Tippsie
Ittle Dew's flying squirrel-like sidekick. Appears in Ittle Dew's Story Mode timeline.