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Slap City version 1.0.0 changelog. Released September 17th, 2020.


  • Added Frallan
  • Added Asha's Story mode campaign
  • Fixed issue sometimes preventing jumping attack out of shield
  • Fixed issue where characters could get stuck on stage geometry while respawning
  • Certain moves that send opponents flying very fast no longer cause the camera to take a long time to get back to the stage
  • Holding a direction while respawning will turn your character in that direction, except while holding Clutch
  • Characters close enough to the ground on respawn will be in a grounded state immediately
  • Hit effects more consistently match the sound effect with the visual effect, and fixed a few missing screenshakes and sounds
  • Story mode ending pictures are now unlocked in the Gallery for each character upon completing their Story
  • Updated the How to Play: Basics and How to Play: Advanced pages
  • Added pictures to the remaining How to Play: Characters pages
  • Added another page of silly name entry glyphs
  • New news menu, for news, if they happen to happen


  • If disconnected from matchmaking server while playing online, the game now returns to the main menu
  • Slight reorganization of lobby menu buttons
  • Limited spectator emote spawns
  • Altered ranked mode stage list - exchanged Space Planet Earth and Mecha Santa's Fortress for Space Nerd Sanctuary and Open-Air Gymnasium
  • Removed rematch limit from ranked
  • Added Quest Forge ∞ as a minigame in Ranked mode
  • Added episodes 9 and 10 of the Jums and Bemp Show minigame in Ranked mode


  • Added Nothing Dimension battle stage
  • Added Skyline battle stage
  • Added Slap Arena battle stage
  • Space Nörd Sanctuary now has lowered and shortened platforms, and the blast zones have been increased to the left, right and bottom
  • Fluffy Fields is now slightly wider, the left and right blast zones have been decreased, and the bottom blast zone has been increased
  • Sector 5: Tower now has a flat design and the top platform is moved slightly down
  • Open-Air Gymnasium now has a redesigned base platform with improved collision


Masked Ruby

  • Changed Ledge attack invincibility frames from 1-15 to to 1-17
  • Down special and Air strong no longer stay incorrectly snapped to the ground
  • The following six changes should make it harder for opponents to fall out of Ruby's Up strong before the final hit:
  • Up strong second lowest hitbox now has the attack properties of the upper hitboxes instead of the lowest one
  • Changed Up strong weak hit lowest hitbox base knockback from 100 to 130
  • Changed Up strong weak hit lowest hitbox angle from 270 to 225
  • Changed Up strong weak hit lowest hitbox hitstop from 1.0 to 0.5
  • Up strong weak hit lowest hitbox is now reversible
  • Increased size of all Up strong final hit hitboxes by 0.05

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000

  • Fixed Pummel so the hitbox doesn't linger until the end of the animation
  • Story mode final boss: ?????

Princess Remedy

  • Changed Forward special projectile throw from frame 30 to 28
  • Fixed startup animation of Back air

Business Casual Man

  • Flipped the animation of Up special so it better matches his Specialfall

Goddess of Explosions

  • Fixed Pummel so the hitbox doesn't linger until the end of the animation
  • Air strong no longer stays incorrectly snapped to the ground


  • Fixed being able to charge the teleporter indefinitely by using Getupattack or Ledgeattack


  • Freshly baked and bready to roll

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