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Character spotlight Sword.png

Portrait frallan p1.png
Frallan is a Saturnian healer, and also the ex-girlfriend of Princess Remedy. She uses punches, kicks, and a scalpel to battle opponents. Her strong attacks are powered up by rocket pills, which can be reloaded, and her tilt attacks can cancel into her down-special, Cosmic Wind, to continually chase after her enemies. She has a love for chocolate—a box of which she uses for her pummel. (Full article...)

Stage spotlight Tree.png

Meadowvalley - day.png
Meadowvalley is a versus mode stage featuring a main platform with slopes on each end leading down to the edges. Two clouds, which act as passable platforms, hover above the slopes. It is a relatively small stage, with closer side blastzones than similar stages. Meadowvalley smoothly transitions from day to night, true to its origins from Strawberry Jam. (Full article...)

Did you know...? Eyes.png

  • Fishbunjin has an extra outfit color which can only be unlocked by playing Princess Remedy's Story Mode timeline.
  • If Ittle Dew is knocked down and lays there for about 5 seconds, she will fall asleep.
  • Asha's down-strong gets thrown farther depending on how long it's charged.
  • Summit's alternate solar eclipse variant, used in Arcade Mode's final battle, has only a 1/50 chance of being seen in a normal match.

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