War Factory

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War Factory
The conveyor belts offer a unique and exciting environment for a bout of fisticuffs. They also make it impossible to get a good grip on the ledges...
Series - Hero
War Factory

War Factory is a battle stage added to Slap City in the Version 1.1 update, based on a location in the freeware game series Hero. It's a perfectly symmetrical arena with four conveyor belts which fling players along at varying, sometimes ludicrous speeds. The only solid, non-moving ground is a floating platform which hovers above a pit in the center of the arena. The four conveyor belts, one set above the floating platform, and one set below it, funnel players towards the pit in the center. There are walls on the above the upper conveyor belts on the sides which block players from being knocked out of the stage normally.

Version history

Version 1.1
  • Added War Factory stage