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Summit full.png
Legendary cosmic forces collide in this epic arena of cataclysmic mayhem. Or so the brochure claims.
Series - Slap City
Peak Performance

Summit is a battle stage set on a large, rocky plateau surrounded by clouds and mist. The surface is largely flat, but with slopes leading down to the ledges on each side. It has walls which slant inwards and extend down to the blastzone. This stage is commonly played in doubles matches in place of Temple of Null, due to its larger size.

Stage properties

  • Dimensions: 88x49.05
  • Main platform width: 42.2
  • Blastzones:
Sides: -44, 44
Top: 21.75 (from center stage; 23.65 from the ledge)
Bottom: -27.75 (from center stage; -25.85 from the ledge)
  • Main platform slopes down -1.9 at the edges.


Variant chance
Normal 98%
Solar eclipse 2%

Summit features a variant with more dusk-like colors and a solar eclipse in the background. This variant is extremely rare in versus mode, but is always used for the final Arcade Mode battle and certain Story Mode battles.

Version history

Version 0.9.9
  • Tweaked camera to have consistent tilt, zoom and distances to blastzone between: Fancy Ruins, Fluffy Fields, Temple of Null, Pepperpain, Mecha Santa's Fortress, Space Planet Earth, Meadowvalley, Saturnian Palace, Hurtland, Summit, Sector5, Open-Air Gymnasium

Version 0.7.0p2

  • Added Summit


  • Summit's solar eclipse variant is always used for the final opponent in Arcade Mode and for the 5th VS match in Story Mode.