Psycard Arena

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Psycard Arena
The main stage of the Corpocity-national league is normally home to fierce card battles, but for a few days a week, PSYCORP rents it out to Slap City for a more traditional kind of conflict.
Series - Psycard
Boss (Psycard)

Psycard Arena is a battle stage added in version 1.1 referencing Ludosity's mobile card game, Psycard. The stage is an arena set on a tabletop suspended in air via metal beams and scaffolding, surrounded by skyscrapers and the night sky on all sides. Snow falls, and a bit has landed on the stage, alongside a handful of cards lying face down. Skull cards hovering off the sides of the stage knock the opponents back towards the center of the arena. However, they deal no damage.

Version history

Version 1.1
  • Added Psycard stage