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Ultra Fishbunjin on the world map.

Story Mode is a single-player game mode featuring a story campaign where players fight through platforming levels and versus mode battles. Each of the first 8 characters have a unique story (called "timelines" in-game).


Stages and versus battles (called "missions" in-game) can be selected through the world map. The story is told through cutscenes which play sporadically throughout the missions. Missions are broken up between platforming stages and versus battles. Platforming stages are the same for each character, except for minor differences. The versus battles are unique to each character, with different match-ups and battle stages.




A platforming stage where you run atop buildings and girders. Exploding DynaMate enemies are abundant throughout. This stage has 3 areas. The first area has two separate paths through it, as well as an optional area up top which houses a paint can (alternate color) as a reward. The second area is a vertical climb through spinning girders, and the last area is crossing gaps between girders and buildings to reach the goal.


Color.pngFound in the first area, in the structure far above the starting location.
Page.pngFound in the second area on the left-hand side. Use walljumps and recovery options to reach it.
Coin.pngFound in a hidden room located in the third area. The last building before the goal features a hidden entrance on the right side. You must solve a simple switch/gate puzzle to reach the coin.

Versus battle 1


Back StreetsPage.pngMusic.pngCoin.png

The "back streets" of Slap City, underground and surrounded by lava. The first area has buildings rising and falling from the lava, with BadLoons and projectile spitting enemies lining the way. The next room has two branching paths. The upper path, which is slightly harder, is blocked by a switch puzzle, and solving it is different for each character. Both paths are similar, with a large lava monster chasing you across rising and falling rooftop platforms. The final area has three switches that you must hit to unlock the way to the goal.


Music.pngFound in the first area, towards the end on a raised platform with a balloon enemy nearby.
Page.pngFound by taking the lower path in the second room. You must hit the switch partway through the chase to unlock the gate to the page.
Coin.pngFound by taking the upper path in the second room. You must hit the switch partway through the chase to unlock the gate to the page.



Music.pngFound in the second area, in the bottom left corner of the room on a small platform.
Color.pngIn the second area, go into the side room in the top left corner. Cross the gaps using the bumpers to reach the paint can.
Coin.pngIn the second area, take the exit out in the top right corner of the room. You must solve a switch puzzle to unlock the way to the coin.

Versus battle 2


Slap Arena

Slap Arena is a battle stage where you fight different groups of enemies over the course of 10 rounds. A platform floats back and forth across the stage, and spikes jut out periodically from the slopes. In the background you can see two ancient warriors, locked in eternal hitstop from hitting each other so hard. There is a lively crowd circling the arena, consisting of various humans, jennies, turnips, rubies, and even a titan and a hype snake.

Each round consists of various enemies found throughout Slap City. You must defeat them all to advance to the next round. If you fall into the blastzone or die, the stage restarts at the beginning of the current round. After rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9, you receive a handful of hearts to replenish your health.

The final round is versus the Arena Boss. The boss sits on the right side of the level using various attacks which it cycles through somewhat randomly. To actually damage the boss, you must hit the blue mechanical orb-looking thing, which pops out in different ways depending on what attack it uses. As its HP decreases, it starts to change its attack pattern.

Arena Boss HP: 110
Arena Boss attacks:

  • Robo-Sword: The boss pulls out a large sword and swings it forward. The weak point appears above its head.
  • Robo-Sawblades: The boss throws 4 spinning sawblades straight ahead, and then throws the weak point out in the same fashion.
  • Robo-Buddies: The boss plops out 4 DynaMate enemies, and then throws the weak point straight ahead. (50+ damage only)
  • Robo-Slam: The boss jumps up, exposing the weak point underneath it, and then slams down, dealing damage and knockback if you're on the ground. (50+ damage only)
  • Robo-Shakeoff: The boss tries to shake you off of itself. It will only use this if you're on top of him. This move instantly breaks shields.
  • Robo-Idle: The boss does nothing, but the weak spot appears floating above his head. (0-50 damage only)
  • Robo-Stretch: The boss stretches, exposing the weak point above its head. (0-25 damage only)

Enemy list:

  • Round 1: Fishbun × 4
  • Round 2: Dynamate × 7
  • Round 3: Skullnip × 4, Checkerboard × 3
  • Round 4: Stupid Bee × 4
  • Round 5: Mess × 4, Fishbun × 11
  • Round 6: Fishbun × 4, Big Skullnip × 2
  • Round 7: Stupid Bee × 3, Angry Bee × 1, Dynamate × 5
  • Roung 8: Checkerboard × 4, Dynamate × 8
  • Round 9: Angry Bee × 2, Big Skullnip × 2, Dynamate × 3
  • Final Round: Arena Boss

Hit the RoadPage.pngCoin.png


Page.pngFound near the beginning of the third area ("Rush Hour 2"), on a spinning chair underneath a floating car.
Coin.pngIn the final area, go past the exit and cross the highway to eventually reach the coin.

Versus battle 3


Hotel LockenkeeColor.pngMusic.pngCoin.png


Color.pngIn the second area, go into the room immediately to your left. Hit the key into the gate to reach the paint can.
Music.pngAt the top of the second area, take the door to the left of the key and jump into the opening in the ceiling. Grab the disc guarded by 4 Checkerboard enemies.
Coin.pngFound in the room at the very bottom right of the second area. Hit the switch using a far-reaching attack to unlock the gate. Hit the key into the gate to get the coin. If the key falls into the pit, just exit and re-enter the room.

Secret Volcano TunnelPage.pngCoin.png


Page.pngFound in the right-hand side of the third room, in the area with the Checkerboard and Volcano enemies.
Coin.pngFound at the very top of the last area where the exit is.

Versus battle 4


All AboardMusic.pngCoin.png


Music.pngFound in the bottom left of the second area, on a platform above some spikes.
Coin.pngTake the exit out of the second area in the bottom right. The coin is on the right side of the room, across some spikes with metal Mess enemies blocking the way.

Death MazeColor.pngPage.pngMusic.pngCoin.png


Color.pngFound exactly one room to the right, up and then left of the start, behind a red gate. The method for getting to this paint can is different for each character, but generally involves going up through the shaft underneath the red switch, or hitting the switch from under and going through the gate.
Music.pngIn the second area, go up the left side past the group of Mess enemies to reach the disc on the left side of the red gate.
Coin.pngIn the last area, go directly left back into the second area, and then reach the top of the shaft using wall jumps, normal jumps and recovery options.
Page.pngLocated in the final area, in the second-to-last room. Hit the switch from the previous room with Badloons and spikes to open the gate.

Versus battle 5

All battles except Asha's on Summit (solar eclipse).




Secret SkywayPage.png

A secret level unlocked by getting all of the Ernest Footley tokens hidden throughout Story Mode. The aesthetic is similar to the first mission level, Downtown, featuring brick buildings and bottomless pits, but instead set at sundown, or sunrise. Tough enemies like Suns and Angry Bees are scattered around the level, and there are also a number of moving platforms, conveyer belts, and spinning obstacles present. A small portion of the level can be leaped over by boosting off of the bird that moves back and forth.

Towards the end of the level is a switch puzzle, which requires three switches to be hit to unlock the gates. The puzzle is slightly different for each character, and requires usage of each characters' respective abilities. Just past the goal is a large gap—each character can cross it in their own way. Dropping down the pit afterwards leads to a secondary exit which unlocks the final mission, the optional challenge level Omega Oblivion of Obliteration.


Page.pngFound right near the exit in plain sight.


  • Fishbun - 1 HP

Harmlessly walks back and forth, turning around at edges and when touching the player or another enemy. Does not attack

  • Space Nörd - 1 HP

Behaves the same as Fishbuns.

  • Dynamate - 10 HP

Walks back and forth hurriedly, blowing up when coming near the player, or taking damage. A metallic version can be found in some levels, which is immune to damage, but still blows up when coming near it or attacking.

  • Badloon - 4 HP

Floats in place. When you come near it, it charges up for a second and then releases a burst of static electricity. There is a yellow Badloon variant.

  • Skullnip - 10 HP

Runs back and forth, throwing a bone forward at an arc when in range.

Skullnip big.png
  • Big Skullnip - 20 HP

Behaves the same as regular Skullnips, but are bigger and throw larger bones.

Stupid bee.png
  • Stupid Bee - 15 HP

Flies around randomly, and does a lunging attack when in range.

Angry bee.png
  • Angry Bee - 25 HP

Behaves the same as a Stupid Bee, but is faster and more aggressive.

  • MuriCannon - 10 HP

Charges and fires a targeted projectile when you're in range.

  • Volcano - Invulnerable

Charges and fires a targeted projectile when you're in range. Cannot be killed, but hitting it will stun it briefly.

  • Checkerboard - 10 HP

Floats around, moving 1 space at a time in fixed intervals. They deal damage when you come in contact with them.

  • Sun - 15 HP

Behaves the same as Checkerboards, but they are larger and move in faster intervals.

  • Mess - 15 HP

Spits out 3 balls of slime straight down when in range. They usually float in place, but sometimes move around horizontally. There is a metal variant which is immune to damage.

  • Arena Boss - 110 HP

Sits on the right side of the stage, cycling through various attacks. See the Slap Arena mission section for detailed information.

  • K.L.O.N.K. phase 1 - 30 HP or 10 hits
  • K.L.O.N.K. phase 2-5 - 50 HP or 15 hits
  • K.L.O.N.K. final - Destroy 20 weakpoints (10 HP or 3 hits)
  • Mayor Kiwi - 60 HP or 15 hits


Throughout the levels are various collectibles you can pick up, which unlock things.

Music.pngMusic disc: Unlocks music tracks which can be selected in battle mode. 5 total for each character.
See Music for a listing of each character's unlockable music.
Page.pngPage: Unlocks gallery pictures and information in the "Extras" section, and an extra page in the "How To Play" section. 6 total for each character.
Color.pngPaint can: Unlocks extra colors for costumes. 4 total for each character—2 for both initial costumes.
Coin.pngCoin: Collect all 8 to unlock the Secret Skyway mission.

Completing Story Mode with a character unlocks an additional costume for them. Fishbunjin has an extra outfit, skinny Fishbunjin, that is unlocked through completing Remedy's story mode. Completing the ultra difficult Omega Oblivion of Obliteration (O4 for short) unlocks nothing, except for an extra point on the menu.

Stage Unlockable
Downtown Page.png Color.png Coin.png
Back Streets Music.png Page.png Coin.png
Bumpertown Music.png Color.png Coin.png
Hit the Road Page.png Coin.png
Hotel Lockenkee Music.png Color.png Coin.png
Secret Volcano Tunnel Page.png Coin.png
All Aboard Music.png Coin.png
Death Maze Music.png Page.png Color.png Coin.png
Secret Skyway Page.png



Story Mode was released in phases, with each character's timelines being released in order, starting with Ittle Dew in version 0.9.5 and ending with Asha in version 1.0. Completing Story Mode timelines for all 8 of the original characters was the major hurdle in the release of version 1.0.

Story Mode timelines for characters released after Asha are not currently planned, due to the lengthy development time, and that the utility used for creating Story Mode levels no longer works with the version of Unity that Slap City was updated to for the version 1.1 Nintendo Switch release.

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