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This article contains a list of frame data for actions shared across all characters.

Action Frames Description
Jumpsquat 5 Can be cancelled with an airdodge, and Flex if playing as Fishbunjin.
Empty land 2 Landing without performing an action.
Auto-cancel land 4 Landing with an aerial before active frames begin.
Wavedash land 10 Landing from an air dodge.
Shield 1
Shield release 15 Can be cancelled with a jump.
  • Shield release from a powershield can be cancelled by any action, except for taunt.
Powershield 1-4 When first shielding with an unbuffered shield.
Shield full duration 240 The length of time that you can hold shield, without lightshielding.
Shield break tumble Infinite Intangible 1-60.
If you are knocked off stage from a shield break, you will fall to your doom.
Shield break recovery 50, 130, 60 Wake up, stars, post-stars. Total duration: 240 frames.
Grabs & hitbox interaction
Grab 30 Active frames: 8-10. Total frames: 30.
Orka's grab is active 9-11, total frames 32.
Cruister Tetron's normal grab is active 10-11, total frames 36.
Grab release 20 / 30 Unactionable frames for being released from a grab / having your grab broken out of.
Grab rebound 20
Rebound tie 15
Rebound lose 30
Clang - 3 frames of hitstop for both characters.
Defensive actions
Spotdodge 24 Intangible 1-14
Tech in-place 24 Intangible 1-18
Roll & tech roll 35 Intangible 1-18
Airdodge 28 Intangible 4-24
Wall & ceiling tech 15 Intangible 1-10
Missed tech (grounded) 20 No intangibility.
Stand up from grounded state 28 Intangible 1-21
Roll from grounded state 30 Intangible 1-18
Ledge grab 16 Ledge intangibility is only granted when a player is first struck by an attack.
Ledge intangibility 60
  • Get-up attacks will only be intangible if begun within this period.
  • Get-up attack intangibility frames are character-dependent and independent of remaining ledge intangibility frames.
  • Ledge climb and ledge roll are always intangible.
  • Letting go of the ledge or jumping from the ledge ends the intangibility.
Ledge climb 24 Intangible 1-16
Prevents others from grabbing the ledge for 21 frames (same for ledge attack).
Ledge roll 35 Intangible 1-20
Prevents others from grabbing the ledge for 9 frames.
Respawn 60 The time from when you enter the blastzone to when you re-appear on-stage.
Respawn intagibility 1-14 No actions can be performed in this state - you can only turn left or right.
Pacifist invincibility 15-103 Invincibility is lost when any attack, special, or a grab is used.
Spot/air dodges, rolls, taunts without hurtboxes, and ledge attacks do not end the invincibility.